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Why are we different?*

By “different” we mean that we are the best!

  • We develop our products by ourselves


    • We are a direct advertiser. The majority of Everad products are the exclusives made under its own trademark. Our products are the best in their category. They have the highest conversion and provide millions of roubles to our partners. These products have a “uniquely designed” tag and they are represented in our affiliate programme and affiliated networks.
    • Everad team creates over 10 new exclusive offers monthly.
    • We guarantee a high conversion rate. Should the conversion rate not exceed other networks by 10%, send us a screenshot and we will increase the deductions to compensate. Look for the offers with an 'uniquely designed' tag.
  • Highest approve


    • The first call-back on orders takes place on average during 27 seconds after their placing.
    • We have 7 call centres in different cities and 700+ operators.
    • We provide detailed statistics about the time of our call, how many times we called, and why the order was cancelled.
    • We don’t cancel orders with 1 package. Our quality office listens to all call records.
    • Thanks to our own call-back technologies and operators’ qualitative training, on return we obtain the highest approve (70%+).
  • Unbeatable deductions


    • Everad technical platform enables very high conversion rates, while the call centres finish off the leads and guarantee high approval rates. These factors alone make us more profitable than any other affiliate networks.
    • Everad provides not just high deductions but THE HIGHEST ones.
    • Should anyone provide a higher fee, post a ticket with a screenshot - we'll offer better terms.
  • Best product quality in the market


    • All our uniquely designed products have the highest quality. They are produced at the largest factories of Russian Federation according to the white label model.
    • Product ingredients fully conform to the information listed on the package, in the manual and on the landing page.
    • DAT Brand Control System prevents counterfeit production.
    • Quality claim line numbers are listed on the package of our products. As of today, we only get repeat order calls through those lines.
  • Instant payments


    We don’t have a hold. Payments are made 3–4 times a day without delay. There is a function of instant payment for trusted webmasters. This function sends money to the wallet without any verification and right after pressing the “pay” button.

  • Response within 3 minutes


    Support works 24/7. Each partner has their own individual manager. For managerial work, we hire only people with traffic arbitration experience. They understand and feel your problems as their own.

    We'll suggest a suitable offer for your traffic, provide the newest information about awesome landing and transit pages, and give advice on selecting the traffic sources.

  • Win a 1 000 000 $


    Everad constantly holds contests among the affiliates.

    Each month we give away Apple products.

    We constantly hold long-term contests. In the late 2016 we gave away a Porsche Panamera.

    Get a chance to win a Tesla Model S, BMW Z4, Mini Cooper or a SMART Brabus with Everad this year.

We treat webmasters as equal partners.
к полноправным партнерам.

‘‘Why do partners don't just choose us, but stay with us?

Everad is the first and the only one affiliate programme that works with guaranty.

Everad ensures better working conditions:
Make A / B test, and if you earn less, we will compensate the difference fully and surcharge 50 rubles for each order.
You get the money, Everad receives feedback. We will modify our Offer, to make conditions more favorable than those of competitors.
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