General questions

Everad affiliate network is...

An affiliate network with payments per actions as per the CPA model. We gets a reward only when a user makes a certain action on advertiser's website.

How do I start working with you as an affiliate?

To start working with us as a affiliate, you should have a quality traffic channel, matching the offer categories present in our network. Sign up to have your access to advertising offers opened.

How do I start?

First, you must read and agree with the terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions were coordinated and brought to our affiliates. Should you not agree with any of the terms, please abstain from egistration with Everad. Having signed up, you need to add a traffic source in the "boards" section. After that, choose an offer that is most fitting your traffic in the "offers" section.

What types of traffic can I use?

You can use all traffic types that are listed in the offer. Cheating or using traffic types that are directly prohibited for an offer is not allowed.

What is the conversion flow?

Conversion means approved lead. Lead gets “Approved” status in 2 simple steps:
1. Сlient submits reg-form with 2 fields on the landing page (Name and Phone Number)
2. Client confirms order via phone call with operator
In case client decides to cancel his order, during 72 hours, before delivery started, lead status is changed to "Rejected" and the payment will not be made for it.

How do I choose an offer and a landing for it?

While choosing an offer you can always assess the offer popularity by EPC, CR and Approval rate parameters. In the "Landings" section of each offer you can always check latest information on any landings and their EPC, CPL and Rating parameters. This information is also displayed during stream set up. Also, you have access to landings and pre-landings split-testing. These measurements will let you determine which target pages provide better conversion rates for your traffic.

Offer conditions prohibit contextual brand advertising

Contextual brand advertising prohibition means that you can not use brand names in key phrase requests.

Technical questions

How do I get a link for traffic routing?

Go to offers list and add a desired offer to "My offers". Having done so, you will see a "Create a stream" button on offer page. Editing and creating new streams is available in the "Tools => Streams" menu.

How do I transfer subaccounts (sid) in your system?

Use link configuration tool to create up to 5 subaccounts after creating a stream to set up sids. Link example with two sids: http://r.everad.com/reflink?sid1=teaser_id&sid2=widget_id

Does your system support UTM-marks?

Yes, our statistics support UTM-marks. During stream setup you can configure utm-mark to sid transformation. By default the most used parameters are specified, but you can change them any time.

How often are the statistics updated?

Statistics are updated live.

What are "Hosts" and "Hits" in statistics?

"Hosts" is the amount of unique visitors that followed your link. "Hits" is the general amount of page views by a link, including page refreshes, repeating visits etc.

I own a domain and want to use my own landings. Is it possible?

Yes, domain parking allows it. You can do it while creating a stream. There is a short instruction attached. Should you have any questions left, please contact support.

What is PostBack URL and how do I set it up?

PostBack URL is the URL of a successful conversion, which you can set up in case automatic retrieval of detailed information related to each conversion is needed. A POST request will be sent to the specified URL once an action is confirmed

What is a TrafficBack URL?

Visitors, which have an IP-address not fitting the offer geo-targeting rules, will be redirected to this link.

What is a split test and how do I use it?

Split testing is a method of marketing research, which allows to check the conversion rate of different landing pages of an offer with a certain traffic.

Financial questions

Do you have a referral system?

No, we do not offer a referral system, because we provide the highest payments.

What is a hold and what is its duration?

Hold is temporary freezing of affiliate's payments to determine the quality of offer related actions.

What is the minimal payment amount?

Minimal payment amount is $100.

Why are my money not being transferred from hold to balance?

There are two possible reasons: either minimal amount has not accumulated yet or account payments were put on hold due to cheating possibility or one of the reasons specified in the terms.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

Payments are being transferred to WMR wallets of the WebMoney payments system. To receive a payment, please specify your WMR wallet in the account settings and place a withdrawal request in the "Finances" section. Kindly be advised that only earnings from "balance" can be withdrawn.

How often are the payments processed?

The payments are being processed daily, usually in the evening.

Can I receive a payment early?

No, because the payments are being transferred daily. Should any delays occur due to technical reasons, you can contact support to see if a partial payment is possible.

Is it possible to increase affiliate payments?

Major partners are always welcome. If you provide a high volume of conversions, please reach our Support Team to discuss individual terms.

Own products

Are your own products present in the system?

Yes, a number of our own products is present in the "Mail orders" category

Why are your offers better than other advertisers' offers?

With the exclusion of third parties, such as a CPA network, we can offer more profitable conditions to affiliates. Additionally, our approval rates are higher than competitors'.

When does the call center process the orders?

Our call centers work 24/7.

Can you add my transit page to your domain?

Yes, it is possible. Please contact support for help. In future you will be able to add transit pages on your own.

Are there limits to conversions amount?

At this point we do not observe any issues with products shipping, so there are no limits.

I am being asked for documents to advertise your products. What do I do?

To receive necessary documents please contact support or your personal manager.

Still have any questions? Write to us, we'll respond promptly! support@everad.com