Everad Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy of personal information – hereinafter referred to as Policy – acts with regard to all the information that Everad Company – hereinafter referred to as Everad, we – and/or its affiliated entities, including all entities of the same group affiliated with Everad, can receive about any user during their usage of https://everad.com website – hereinafter referred to as Website – and services that are represented on the website – hereinafter referred to as Services.

Services and website usage means user’s unconditional compliance with this Policy and its conditions of their personal information processing. In case of disagreement with these conditions, user has to refrain from Services and website usage.

Users’ personal information that Everad receives and processes

In the context of this Policy, by user’s personal information is meant:

  • Personal information that user gives about themselves during the process of registration – during the register entries input – or during Services usage, including user’s personal information. The main information for Services delivery – rendering of services – is marked in a special way. Other information can be given by the user at their discretion.
  • Data that were automatically transferred to the Services and website during the process of their usage with the help of the software installed on the user’s device, including IP-address, cookies, user’s browser information – or other program that gives an access to the Services – access time, requested page address.
  • Other user’s information if it its accumulation and/or provision was determined in certain Services regulatory documents.

This Policy can be applied only to the Services represented on the website. Everad doesn’t control and isn’t responsible for the websites of third parties, which user can follow by links that are available on the website.
In general, Everad doesn’t verify personal information given by users and doesn’t control the execution of their efficiency. However, we assume that user gives good and sufficient personal information according to the questions in the registration form and keeps this information up to date. A user delivering information bears all the risk if it is inadequate.

Purpose for collecting and processing user’s personal information

Everad collects and keeps only the information that is necessary for the Services provision and website’s proper operation.

User’s personal information can be used for the following purposes:

  • With the purpose of the communication with the user, including notifications, requests, and information about Services usage, rendering of services, and processing of user’s inquiries and requests.
  • Services and website’s quality improvement, their usability features, development of new Services.
  • Advertising aids targeting.
  • Conduction of statistical and other research in terms of anonymised data.

Conditions of user’s personal information processing and its transfer to third parties

Everad has the right to transfer user’s personal information to third parties only in the following instances:

  • A user signified their consent for such actions;
  • The transfer is necessary in terms of certain Service usage or to render service to the user;
  • The transfer is allowed by the Russian or other applicable legislation in terms of statutory procedure;

While processing users’ personal information, Everad follows data protection laws.

User’s personal information change

A user can change, renew, add, or delete provided information or its part and privacy characteristics, using personal information editing function in “Personal account” section.

Under age

We won’t deliberately collect, use, or disclose information of individuals under the age of 18 years without prior consent of individuals carrying parental duties regarding such users (for example, from parents or foster parents), with the help of direct off-net contact.

Measures for protection of user’s personal information:

Everad assumes necessary and appropriate managerial and technical measures in order to protect user’s personal information from illegal and accidental access, erasure, change, blocking, copying, spreading, and other illegal actions of third parties. However, we can't guaranty 100 % personal information protection from third parties’ illegal actions.


Everad can change this Privacy policy, change and improve access conditions or forbid access to the website and change its content any time without previous notice.


All propositions or questions regarding this Policy should be reported through the feedback form.

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