Terms and conditions

Website Administration provides you with access to everad.com website, its services, and functions on terms which are the subject of current Rules of Website usage. In that context, you should familiarize yourself with the conditions of these Rules that are considered by the Website Administration as a public offer.

If you are not in agreement with the statements of current Rules – in part or in whole – we kindly ask you not to use our Website in future

Usage of services and functional capabilities of our Website means your unconditional agreement with these Rules.

In current rules, we use the following definitions and terms

  • The Affiliate network s a complex of hardware and software working on the Internet at the permanent address: everad.com
  • The Affiliate is a service provider who broadcasts Service’s advertisements and is an entity who draws users to the advertising websites of Service Advertisers.
  • The Advertiser is an individual who gives opportunities for the professional advertisement of their products and services by means of different publicity tools, such as graphical banners, text links, goods XML Catalogues, and other types of publicity tools offered by the advertiser.
  • The Administration is the managing company of everad.com website.

Current Rules are valid as amended regardless of the amendment of their acceptance by the Affiliate and/or Advertiser upon registration.

Only capable private individuals who have reached the age of 18 years and duly represented legal entities are considered acceptable to register in the Affiliate network as a Affiliate and/or as an Advertiser.

Affiliate and/or Advertiser’s registration is filling out and sending the registration form.

While filling out the registration form, the applicant needs to fill in all required fields with proper and up-to-date information.

One individual can have not more than one Account.

The Administration has the right to deny your registration without giving any reason for that.

The Administration reserves the right to disable any account without cash outflow in its discretion.

The administration has the right to archive inactive campaigns if order has not been received within 9 months in these campaigns.

The Account is fully disabled for the violation of one of these rules without payment of earnings:

  • It is forbidden to use assignments publication services (the system of active advertising).
  • Reward or requests to website users – openly on the website or in private – to register on the websites of advertisers are forbidden as well as misrepresentation of rewards which users can receive after the registration on advertisers’ websites.
  • It is forbidden to create more than 1 account per one user. In case duplicated accounts are detected, all the accounts are fully disabled and the amount of money from the hold returns to the advertisers.
  • If there is a necessity to create several accounts, you need to coordinate it through your personal manager.
  • It is utterly forbidden to carry out tasks independently on the websites of advertisers if the registration has to be paid for.
  • If there is a necessity to check records – registration on your own link – you should report about that to your personal manager.
  • Don’t publish slogans encouraging to registration near rotator’s disposition or to do any other actions, such as “Receive 3 coffee packages at the price of one!”, “Register and receive iPhone 5s”, and so on.
  • To initialize any auto transitions, displays and actions on the websites of advertisers.
  • To misinform user by announcing some other action conditions.

Final pay to Affiliates, delays in payments, and payment limitations:

  • The Administration pays for the targeted action provided by the terms of the Affiliate Network - an approved order. In case client decides to cancel his order, during 72 hours, before delivery started, lead status is changed to "Rejected" and the payment will not be made for it.
  • The administration doesn’t pay for the accounts on which more than 10 % of revenue appeared because of the independent performing of actions by the partner on the websites of advertisers.
  • The administration can hinder payments for up to 14 consecutive days in case of suspecting fraud – churning – to analyse received registration forms.
  • Due and payable minimum amount of money is $100
  • In order to secure our advertisers from fraud actions on the part of Affiliates, in case the violations of current requirements are revealed, the network can collect penalties from Affiliates. The amount of penalties depends on administration’s inner conviction and can range from 5 to 100 % from monetary resources that are on the account balance. If the evidence of fraud was brought to light, the account becomes disabled permanently and all money returns to advertisers’ accounts.

All network’s news and notifications are sent through email. You can unsubscribe from any mailouts in your personal profile.

For the participation in the Affiliated network we don’t accept as the traffic sources the following:

Websites and services that contain:

  • Materials that are potentially or objectively dangerous for the users, including viruses of any quality.
  • Materials of sexual nature.
  • Materials that encourage violence of any kind.
  • Materials that propagate age-related, racial, sex, religious, ethical, and sexual intolerance discrimination.
  • Materials that violate the law of intellectual property of third parties and organisations.

Traffic sources have to fully conform to supplementary requirements of Programs for which they are used.

It is forbidden to send traffic from the Source of a type forbidden for usage under restrictions of selected Program.

A partner should be sure that third Java scripts don’t make any changes to the work of Streams of the Affiliated network.

The Administration of the Affiliated network has the right to accept Sources which do not meet the above-mentioned conditions and decline Sources that correspond to all the above-mentioned conditions without giving any explanations.

There are some goods that are not accepted for participation in the Affiliated network:

  • The goods that are potentially or objectively dangerous for people.
  • The goods of sexual nature.
  • The goods that contain hypnotic or banned drugs.
  • The goods banned for distribution according to the domestic law.


The Administration is not responsible for Affiliates’ actions which resulted in infringement of third-party rights.

The Administration is not responsible for the information published by Affiliates and/or Advertisers.

The Administration has the right to ignore inquiries, requests, and letters which don’t contain personal details of a sender: name and surname, contact details.

The Administration is not responsible for the registration data that were given by Affiliates and/or Advertisers while working with the website information field.

The User is the only one who is responsible for the usage of goods received through the website information field and for the consequences of such usage.

Dispute resolution mechanism

In case of finding any information that contains the results of intellectual property of the third parties on the Website, the right holder has to:

  • Make a claim listing real and regulatory arguments that enable the Administration to withdraw the information from open access.
  • Attach evidence of the singularity of the intellectual property – original copy, other documents confirming the ownership right to the copyright law – to that claim.

The Administration is not a beneficiary party in the bargains between Affiliates and Advertisers. It is not responsible for and is not obliged to assist Affiliates in the investigation process. The Administration also has the right to ignore inquiries of Affiliates toward them due to the specified circumstances.