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Everad is your best choice

Thanks to our expertise in nutra vertical and control of all business processes our offers and promo assets demonstrate top performance on every stage. Enter ultimate ROI game!

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Payouts up to $49

As direct advertiser Everad works with affiliates without intermediaries and can provide very profitable terms.

High approval rates

Our call centers have been selling our products for 10 years which honed our scripts to perfection. There are natives only in our call centers that increases approval rates also.

Timely payment

We are extending the variety of payment systems and services that may also provide bonuses. All you need is to leave a request and choose the convenient method of payment.

Localized promo assets

Landings and transit pages are translated and adapted in accordance with cultural specific. Everything is ready for starting your campaign.

Profitable niches

As direct advertiser with huge experience in nutra, we focus on the most interesting for affiliates niches.

Friendly support

Our supports and affiliate managers not only help to find the best offers and promo assets, they become true friends with our affliates.

Still have any questions? Write to us, we'll respond promptly!

How COD works

Nutra Offers

Select the offer that matches your source, create campaign and drive traffic.

Call Center & Customer

Customer fills in simple contact form on the lander to order product. Sales operator calls immediately to confirm an order.

Delivery and billing are solely our business and don't affect affiliate's commissions. That's why COD is the top model to run camps on developing markets.

Lead & Payment

If order is confirmed by customer via phone, it turns to approved lead. That's when you get your commission.

Dashboard that helps you to increase ROI

Think only of driving leads, we'll handle all the rest

Boost Option

Unique feature that allows every affiliate to use automated up to +20% payout bump.


For the first 500 approved leads or 7 days. Ideal solution to test few offers/geos hassle-free and turn your campaign into green from the very beginning!

Audience Analytics

Check first-party data coming straight from our CRM and laser-target your campaigns.


Analyze your traffic precisely and evaluate the most performing audience in terms of age and gender.

100% In-House Platform

Real-time statistics, convenient reports, no click loss in comparison to 3d party solutions.


Unleash the power of custom-made dashboard. We know our affiliates’ wants & needs and adjust our platform to the highest standards!

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